Bill & Buck

Lt. Bill Andrews & Buck (Dog)

"BUCK" is a six year old German Shepherd. He was purchased with donated funds from the local community. He was acquired in the spring of 1996 from the Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Training Center at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Both "Buck" and his handler Lt. Bill Andrews went through an extensive seven week training period at the Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Traning Center. "Buck" who was born in Romania (Europe), has been in service for the Madison Police Department since the Spring of 1996. "Buck" also helps out other Law Enforcement Department's in the surrounding counties.

"Buck" is a Dual-Purpose Police Work Dog. He has been certified with the Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Training Center and with the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA). "Buck" is trained in NARCOTICS DETECTION, i.e. amphetamine, cocaine, herion, marijuana, and methamphetamine. "Buck" is an aggressive-indicator (scratch-indicator). "Buck" is also trained in Patrol Work, i.e. apprehension, agility, building searches, directed area search, tactical movement, tracking, and of course obedience.

"Buck" is also used in the local schools in connection with the D.A.R.E. program ran by Sr/Ptl. Tim Armstrong. "Buck", Lt. Andrews and Sr/Ptl.Armstrong teach the children to "JUST SAY NO" to drugs. "Buck" is also used in many other community public relations events.

Lt.Bill Andrews named "Buck" after his late father Buck Andrews.

This site is dedicated to All Law Enforcement Officer working to keep our communities "DRUG FREE" and to Bill's late father "Buck Andrews".

Lt. Bill Andrews
K-9 Handler
Madison Police Department