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Rudy is a Belgian Malinois born December 25, 2006.  He is a dual-purpose Sheriff Canine trained in drug detection and patrol work.  The Howard County Sheriff Dept. purchased Rudy from Vohne Liche Kenneles, owned and operated by Ken Licklider.  Deputy Ogle and Rudy completed a Police Canine School of five weeks at Vohne Liche Kennels, where they were certified as a Canine Team.  Deputy Ogle and Rudy are also certified nationally in drug detection and patrol.

Rudy is a dual purpose Sheriff Canine. He is trained in locating several Narcotic drugs, and patrol work, such as Control, Obedience, Apprehension, Building and Area Searches, Tracking, and Handler Protection.

Rudy works the midnight shift with his handler, Deputy Sheriff MJ Ogle.  When not at work he lives with Deputy Ogle and his family.


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